Art exhibition focuses on mystery of Easter

Friday 12 April 2019


A multi-format art exhibition, exploring the journey towards Easter in Christianity, is being organised by the University of St Andrews.

Entitled Space(  )Between, the event has been timed with Holy Week (14 to 18 April), with particular focus on ‘Holy Saturday’ as it marks the threshold between Good Friday which marks Jesus’ execution, and Easter Sunday which brings the hope of Resurrection.

The artists have spent the past year reflecting on the emotions associated with that first Holy Saturday: the despair, bewilderment, loss, and the sense of hope undone.

The event is presented by Transept, an artists’ collective working as part of the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA). ITIA, part of the School of Divinity at the University, is an academic institution created to explore the intersection between theology and the arts.

Led by postgraduate students, Transept also works with artists from the local community, and meets regularly to discuss works in progress.

Dan Drage, ITIA Artist in Residence, said: “I believe Space(  )Between invites dialogue to open up around important issues of liminality, gaps and emptiness, both artistically but also – significantly – in Christian theology, where for so long a misplaced certainty in the written word has dominated discourse.”

The artists have been encouraged to take a multi-dimensional and collaborative approach to the themes and works will be on display in various venues in St Andrews including Holy Trinity Church, St Salvator’s Chapel, St Mary’s Quad and St Leonard’s Chapel.

Letizia Morely, a Transept artist, said: “This show has been a stimulating collaboration with other like-minded artists to explore the transitions and ‘empty’ spaces in our lives. I’ve enjoyed being inspired by others’ ideas in the preparation for this event as well as challenging myself to grow in my skills.”

For more information, including event times and dates, visit the Transept Facebook page.

Photo caption: St Andrews, Space(  )Between Map by Friederike Siede, Mariah Ziemer and Letizia Morley

Contact ITIA Artist-In-Residence, Dan Drage on [email protected] for more information.

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Event timetable

Holy Trinity Church
Tuesday 16 April, 7pm – performance Space(  )Between: Encounters
Wednesday 17 April, 2pm – presentation by Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman: ‘Job – A Journey into Mystery’
Wednesday 17 April, 7pm – performance by Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman: ‘The Day Between’
Monday 15 to Thursday 18 April, 11am to 5pm – visual art by Transept members and friends

St Salvator’s Chapel
Sunday 14 April, 7pm – performances by Transept members

St Mary’s Quad
Outdoors Daily – visual art by Dan Drage

St Leonard's Chapel
Monday 15 to Thursday 18 April, 11am to 5pm – visual art by Transept members and friends

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