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Friday 4 May 2012

University of St Andrews’ Chancellor Sir Menzies Campbell took part in a special promotional campaign for universities this week, speaking on the importance of university sport and its links with the local community.

Crediting his own university with first giving him the opportunity to participate in world class sport, Sir Menzies recorded a special video reel for Universities UK’s Universities Week campaign (30 April – 7 May). In the short video, the Chancellor talks of the ‘symbiotic’ relationship of universities and sport, as well as the ‘enormous’ role universities and colleges will have to play in the run up to this year’s Olympics.

Sir Menzies was one of 18 notable individuals to be invited to give their views on our universities for the special celebratory campaign. Others taking part in the vodcasts included Tony Blair, Imran Khan, Steve Cramb and Boris Johnson.

Speaking about student sport in St Andrews, Sir Menzies commented, “St Andrews has made very considerable progress in restoring the quality of sporting activity, improving facilities and encouraging people who have a talent, to develop that talent to the best of their ability. We have some fine sportsmen and women at St Andrews.

“The relationship between sport and higher education can be symbiotic to the benefit of both: in my experience, a lot of the pain of studying was taken away by the knowledge that one would have a quite different kind of activity in the form of training or indeed competing, and a lot of the lessons you learn in sport, about personal discipline and commitment, have increasing relevance to academic life.”

Referring to the importance of ‘town and gown’ relationships, Sir Menzies also commented, “St Andrews is a very interesting illustration of the relationship between a university and a local community… the University has a very considerable impact, in the best possible way. There is a very close relationship in theatre and music, lots of citizens of St Andrews audit University courses; there is no doubt people regard St Andrews and St Andrews University as almost exactly synonymous.”

As our Chancellor since 2006, Sir Menzies also paid credit to St Andrews students, saying, “As Chancellor of St Andrews, I see first-hand the enormous commitment and enthusiasm and excitement which young people generate.”

Listen to what the Chancellor, Tony Blair and others have to say about universities online.


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