Nobel Prize winner to deliver public lecture

Thursday 24 April 2008

A Nobel Prize winning scientist will arrive at the University of St Andrews next week (28 April to 1 May).

The University will host the visit from Professor Tony Leggett of the University of Illinois as part of the SUPA (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance) Distinguished Visitor Programme.  Tony is among the most distinguished British scientists of recent decades, and is the UK’s most recent Nobel Prize winner in Physics.  In 2003, he shared the prize for his famous work on ‘quantum liquids’.

On Tuesday (29 April) he will deliver a public lecture ‘What can we do with a quantum liquid?’ in St Andrews.  Quantum liquids are usually composed of very light atoms, notably helium, and form only at extremely low temperatures.  A noted St Andrews’ physicist, the late Jack Allen, co-discovered the amazing property of superfluidity in one of these, known as He-4.  Tony Leggett’s main contribution was to understand a still more exciting quantum liquid, He-3.

In his lecture he will describe not only these fascinating liquids and their properties, but also the influence that work on them has had across other fields of science.  His host, Professor Andy Mackenzie from the School of Physics & Astronomy, commented, “In describing science for the general public, Tony Leggett draws on the experience and cultural breadth of someone whose first degree was in classics and philosophy, so this lecture should be a real intellectual treat.”

Professor Tony Leggett will deliver the public lecture ‘What can we do with a quantum liquid?’ on Tuesday 29 April at 5.30 pm in Physics Theatre A, North Haugh, St Andrews.




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