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Phased return to in-person teaching at St Andrews

In an email to staff and students, Principal Professor Sally Mapstone outlined a phased approach to the introduction of in-person teaching.

31 August 2020Covid community response

University unveils new Covid Rapid Response Team and code of conduct for students – a partnership approach to social responsibility

The University has established a Covid Rapid Response Team to respond to suspected incidence of coronavirus amongst staff and students.

28 August 2020Covid community response

Nooks, crannies and critters

Research reveals that complex habitats tend to contain more biodiversity, both in terms of more individuals and more species.

25 August 2020Research

Uncommon dolphin repeatedly spotted in northern Adriatic

A dolphin species considered regionally extinct in the Adriatic has been spotted repeatedly off the Italian and Slovenian coast.

24 August 2020Research

Major funding boost to study the impact of North Sea structures on marine life

The SMRU has been awarded over £700,000 to investigate the impact of man-made structures on marine ecosystems in the North Sea.

18 August 2020Research

Researchers unlock secrets of the past with new international carbon dating standard

Radiocarbon dating is set to become more accurate than ever after an international team of scientists improved the technique.

12 August 2020Research

Selfish genes take sides in the battle of the sexes

Men may have a surprising genetic advantage over women, according to new research carried out at the University of St Andrews.

12 August 2020Research

St Andrews and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc look to the future

The University and MSIP will explore future collaborations in the fields of sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

11 August 2020Business

Sharing food aids monkey business

It may be only a shared banana in a tree, but new research suggests this sharing of food could be a 'date' for primates.

6 August 2020Research

Viking waterway through the Orkney Mainland revealed

New research has revealed a lost Viking waterway running through the Orkney Mainland, connecting the North Atlantic and Scapa Flow.

4 August 2020Research