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Hunt for wreck which claimed 800 lives

A new maritime archaeology company based at the Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies at the University of St Andrews is to play a key role in a diving expedition aimed at locating the wreck of a ship which was carrying nearly 800 Jewish refugees when it sank in the Black Sea in 1942.

The Scottish doctor

At the beginning of August each year the NHS in Scotland greets another batch of newly qualified pre-registration house officers the majority of whom will have graduated from Scottish medical schools. But what exactly does it mean to be a Scottish medical graduate and what does that label tell employers about the qualities and abilities of these graduates? The answer, at present, is probably "not much".

The place of the dead

A wealth of new information surrounding death in mediaeval and early modern Europe has been unravelled by a University of St Andrews historian.

University donation to theatre

The University of St Andrews is to donate £8,000 to the Byre Theatre next week (Tuesday 11 July 2000), thanks to the legacy of a world-renowned choreographer.