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Research on surfaces to kill Covid-19

A team of physicists and virologists at St Andrews is testing different surfaces and coatings for their effectiveness in killing Covid-19.

11 September 2020Covid-19

Unlocking the spread of Covid-19

Medical and data scientists have joined forces to further medical research and understanding on the spread of Covid-19 within communities.

10 June 2020Covid-19

Scottish experts help fight Covid-19 in Uganda

Scottish clinical and scientific experts are spearheading a campaign to combat misinformation in the battle against Covid-19 in Uganda.

28 May 2020Covid-19

Pneumagen commits to clinical trial development for Covid-19

Pneumagen (Holdings) Ltd announced a £4m investment for the clinical development of Neumifil for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

27 May 2020Covid-19

Ultraviolet light has bright future in fight against Covid-19

A type of ultraviolet light could be safely used for air disinfection in public places without harming people.

26 May 2020Covid-19

More than 5% of Britons have had Covid-19

Between five and six per cent of Britain’s population had been infected with Covid-19 by the last third of April, according to a new study.

25 May 2020Covid-19

St Andrews appeal reaches half a million after worldwide response

An appeal launched to help students, research and the town affected by the Covid-19 crisis has raised more than half a million pounds.

22 May 2020Covid-19

St Andrews students beat the profiteers with cost price face masks

Two St Andrews students have set up an operation to provide the public with face masks at zero mark up to eliminate predatory price-gouging.

21 May 2020Covid-19

The coronavirus spreads in close quarters

How do you catch or spread the coronavirus?

15 May 2020Covid-19

Public concern about smartphone location tracking to combat Covid-19

Public concern over the use of SLT could jeopardise governments’ efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19 using surveillance technologies.

12 May 2020Covid-19