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Tiny lasers light up immune cells

A team of researchers at the University have developed tiny lasers that could revolutionise our understanding of many diseases.

20 November 2018Research

Whales use the sonic equivalent of a flashlight to focus in on prey

A new study reveals that whales, dolphins and porpoises use narrow beams of high intensity sound to echolocate prey.

15 November 2018Research

Wild orangutan mothers speak up to defend kids

A team of scientists, led by St Andrews, has shown that wild orangutan mothers utilise a unique vocal phenomenon to warn their offspring.

14 November 2018Research

Light probes new depths for biomedicine

St Andrews scientists develop low-damage optical imaging which could revolutionise the world of biomedicine and neuroscience.

1 November 2018Research

Antarctic Ocean CO2 helped end the ice age

A team of scientists, led by St Andrews, has shown that rapid CO2 release from the ocean around Antarctica helped end the last ice age.

24 October 2018Research

St Andrews awarded share of €11.2 million European Research Council grant

The University has been awarded a share of €11.2 million from the European Research Council’s Synergy Grants to study the Sun.

23 October 2018Research

€1 million project investigates the place of Muslim and Roma minorities across European nations

A new research project has been awarded a €1 million grant to explore the experience of minorities across European nations.

17 October 2018Research

Imaging through tissue: seeing the unseeable

An innovative way to optically image through tissue could allow a more detailed understanding and diagnosis of early stage cancer.

12 October 2018Research

Killer whale populations threatened by pollution

Chemical pollutants in our seas could lead to the disappearance of half of the world’s killer whales in just decades.

29 September 2018Research

Trumping medieval cruelty?

New research sheds light on the historical use of waterboarding and its re-emergence at the highest levels of Trump’s administration.

27 September 2018Research