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Hidden past of Earth’s oldest continents unearthed

New international research led by St Andrews presents a novel way to understand the structure and formation of our oldest continents.

27 January 2020Research

I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine: how rats help each other out

Rats are happy to help each other out, but only if another rat helps them out first, according to new research from St Andrews and Bern.

15 January 2020Research

Oldest known city view of Venice discovered

A researcher from the University of St Andrews has unearthed the oldest known city view of Venice, dating from the 14th century.

6 January 2020Research

From parchment to phone

A historian’s detective work to restore a medieval prayer book has its foot in both old and new technologies with an innovative new book.

26 December 2019Research

Ancient secret of stone circles revealed

The Calanais Virtual Reconstruction Project has uncovered a potential link between ancient stone circles and the forces of nature.

23 December 2019Research

New security system to revolutionise privacy

A new uncrackable security system created by researchers at St Andrews, KAUST and CUP Sciences will revolutionise communications privacy.

20 December 2019Research

Stem cell technology offers new insight into MND

Scientists at St Andrews and Edinburgh have identified a specific type of cell in the human body which can cause motor neurons to fail.

17 December 2019Research

House size a factor in tackling global climate emergency

New research reveals that ambitious global climate change targets must factor in that average space per person is increasing in homes.

17 December 2019Research

Alzheimer’s memory discovery

Scientists from have discovered the functions of the area of the brain in which Alzheimer’s begins, offering hope for future treatment.

12 December 2019Research

Vital mountain water supplies threatened by climate change

Growing demand and climate change are threatening naturally occurring water systems and putting the water supply of billions at risk.

9 December 2019Research