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€1 million project investigates the place of Muslim and Roma minorities across European nations

A new research project has been awarded a €1 million grant to explore the experience of minorities across European nations.

17 October 2018Research

Imaging through tissue: seeing the unseeable

An innovative way to optically image through tissue could allow a more detailed understanding and diagnosis of early stage cancer.

12 October 2018Research

Killer whale populations threatened by pollution

Chemical pollutants in our seas could lead to the disappearance of half of the world’s killer whales in just decades.

29 September 2018Research

Trumping medieval cruelty?

New research sheds light on the historical use of waterboarding and its re-emergence at the highest levels of Trump’s administration.

27 September 2018Research

Scottish teenagers drinking less

Teenage drinking in Scotland has declined dramatically over the past decade, according to new research led by St Andrews.

26 September 2018Research

New evidence for early life on Earth

Chemical analyses of the oldest pieces of Earth suggest our planet was habitable 700m years before the date of the earliest fossil.

25 September 2018Research

PhD fellowship of the ring – St Andrews scientists’ research goes viral

New research has identified an important new component of the CRISPR genome engineering toolkit.

20 September 2018Research

Gravity theory saved from death

An international group of astronomers, including physicists at St Andrews, has revived a previously debunked theory of gravity.

14 September 2018Research

Watery Earth mystery solved by dust

St Andrews scientists may have helped solve the mystery of why there is so much water on planet Earth.

14 September 2018Research

Young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas

St Andrews scientists have found that young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas.

11 September 2018Research