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Professor Doug Benn

Areas of expertise: glaciers & ice sheets; Arctic; Antarctic; Himalaya; climate change; sea level rise Before joining St Andrews, Professor Benn was Professor of Glaciology at the University Centre in Svalbard (2006 to 2015). He has over 30 years experience of research into glacier science in the Arctic, the European Alps, the Himalaya, Britain, and […]

Dr Will Hutchison

Areas of expertise: volcanoes; active and ancient magmatic-hydrothermal systems; geophysical, geochemical and geological data sets; active peralkaline volcanoes in the East African Rift: structural controls on volcanism, volcanic degassing processes, causes of ground deformation, impact of large explosive eruptions on hominins

Dr Tim Wilson

Dr Wilson is a historian who is interested in the questions surrounding where the violence of terrorism has come from, and how it is different from (or similar to) what has gone before. Areas of expertise: Northern Ireland; terrorist attacks; terrorism; Brexit/Northern Ireland border

Dr Theron Pummer

Areas of expertise: knowledge democracy; public discourse; ethics in public life; ethics of charitable giving; personal identity

Professor Steve Reicher

Crowd behaviour, group behaviour, leadership including behaviour of leaders, national identity, nationalism, inter-group relations, inter-group conflict, prejudice, discrimination, obedience, psychology of tyranny, individual-social relationship, Trump psychology.

Dr Richard Bates

Areas of expertise: applied geophysics; archaeology; marine surveyance; climate change; earthquakes and tsunamis

Dr Omar Imady

Areas of expertise: Syria; Middle East (with a Syria focus); Damascus – focused on religious and spiritual affairs, Islam, Sufism

Dr Matteo Fumagalli

Areas of expertise: Myanmar; Rohingya Muslims; Italian elections; Russian elections