Zoe Elizabeth Gray, from Fife, will graduate with an MLitt in Marketing.

What attracted you to St Andrews in the first place?

The MLitt programme in Marketing consisted of my ideal modules and of course the University’s reputation, as a whole but also in management taught subjects. After spending four years living in a city for my undergraduate degree, I also wanted to find a university which was closer to home.

What are your favourite memories of being a student here?

I love how St Andrews University has many traditions which students still participate in. My favourite would have to be Raisin Weekend!

What is your favourite location in St Andrews and why?

East Sands beach because of the pier walks or the postgraduate library because I feel as though I am in Harry Potter!

When you reflect on your time at St Andrews, how do you think it has changed you?

I feel accomplished.

Where have you spent this year following the initial lockdown period and how was it for you?

I spent it in Fife with my family, however not being able to travel to see friends and family was a really difficult transition.

What was it like finishing your studies during a pandemic?

I quite enjoyed online teaching and classes but I found it difficult to write my dissertation and it was sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to some of the friends that I had made.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

Hopefully get a job which incorporates my passion of marketing!

What will you miss about the bubble of St Andrews?

My friends.

How do you think the events of 2020 have shaped the graduating class?

I think that anyone who has graduated this year should be proud that they finished their studies during such an unpredictable time. I also think that 2020 graduates will be very resilient.