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Dr Cat Hobaiter

Lecturer, Centre for Social Learning and Cognitive Evolution, School of Psychology & Neuroscience


Areas of expertise: non-human primates (monkeys, apes, chimpanzees, gorillas) and animal behaviour (evolution, gesture, communication, culture, social behaviour, tools, language)

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Associated posts

Young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas

St Andrews scientists have found that young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas.

11 September 2018Research

How “great” an ape are you?

Online test reveals if humans instinctively understand our closest relatives

20 July 2017Research

Dramatic differences spotted in chimp communities

Neighbours vary in hunting and rank

23 June 2017Research

Have you had your clay this morning?

Chimpanzees may ‘detox’ tannins in their diet by eating clay

29 July 2015Research

Right place, right time for chimpanzee study

St Andrews scientists in ‘extraordinarily rare’ real-time discovery

30 September 2014Research

We Are Family

Social bonds are crucial for adoption in wild chimpanzees

5 August 2014Research

All in hand

Researchers work out what chimp gestures mean

4 July 2014Research

How gorilla gestures point to evolution of human language

Largest scientific study of gorilla gestures discovers repertoire of 102 different signals.

9 February 2009Research

Areas of expertise

Animal behaviour Language Non-human primates Social behaviour Tools