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Professor Steve Reicher

Bishop Wardlaw Professor, St Andrews Sustainability Institute, Psychology & Neuroscience


Crowd behaviour, group behaviour, leadership including behaviour of leaders, national identity, nationalism, inter-group relations, inter-group conflict, prejudice, discrimination, obedience, psychology of tyranny, individual-social relationship, Trump psychology.

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Associated posts

St Andrews professor observes Turkish political trials

Professor Steve Reicher has just returned from Turkey where he was observing the political trials of academics.

18 December 2018Public interest stories

€1 million project investigates the place of Muslim and Roma minorities across European nations

A new research project has been awarded a €1 million grant to explore the experience of minorities across European nations.

17 October 2018Research

British psychologist to receive prestigious award

Steve Reicher, Wardlaw Professor in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, has been awarded the 2018 Harold Lasswell Award.

6 July 2018Awards

Professor Reicher on Turkey

This week Steve Reicher, Professor of Social Psychology, was in Istanbul as an observer under the auspices of the International Society for Political Psychology at the trial of an academic colleague accused of terrorist propaganda by the Turkish Government. This is his personal first-hand account.

1 February 2018Public interest stories

Explaining Trump’s appeal

New book predicted the success of the new US President

10 November 2016Public interest stories

Leading psychologists explain the principles underlying Ranieri’s success

Leicester City’s Premier League football success shows good leadership, according to the University of St Andrews psychological research.

4 May 2016Research

Understanding the appeal of ISIS

A new analysis of how ordinary people become terrorists.

30 March 2016Research

Don’t sweat it

Scientists discover why people are sometimes less offended by body odour

22 February 2016Research

Out of group, out of mind

New study finds basic mental processes at the root of troubles between groups

5 December 2013Research

Areas of expertise

Crowd behaviour Discrimination Nationalism Prejudice Trump psychology