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Lost in a forest

People are terrified of getting lost in forests according to a University of St Andrews psychologist commissioned by the Forestry Commission to help shape the future of the nation's woodlands.

Fate could be fatal

Most heart attack victims delay going to hospital because of a belief in fate, according to a University of St Andrews study.

Survival skills of injured chimps

Pic caption: Pandora, an adult gorilla which Professor Byrne studied at Karisoke, Rwanda. Her right hand is cut off across the palm - only the lowest segment of the thumb retains any movement and her left hand has two of the fingers paralysed.

All in the mind

The School of Psychology at the University of St Andrews is once again to open its doors for its annual event "The Psychology of Everyday Life".

European psychology conference

Themes such as 'Children surviving Cancer', 'Scottish female dentists are under-paid and overworked', 'Smoking and cervical Cancer', 'Writing letters can save lives' and 'Does your job affect your diet? will be explored when 500 of the most eminent Psychologists come together in St Andrews this week (5th to 8th September, 2001).