Climate change protest

Monday 23 September 2019

As a newly arrived Visiting Global Fellow I was awestruck by the massive turnout in St Andrews for the Climate Change Strike.

It was simply an incredible honour to march with St Andrews and my colleagues from the School of Geography and Sustainable Development on this historic day – when all of St Andrews came together and added its voice to an historic global chorus calling for real action on climate change.

Feeling the energy here in St Andrews, and seeing that same determined energy repeated at strikes in thousands of other places around the world, I really think we are at a turning point in the battle against climate change – and it is clear that a new generation is leading the way.

Glen MacDonald is UCLA Distinguished Professor of Geography and Global Visiting Fellow at the University's School of Geography and Sustainable Development.

Glen is pictured (fourth from the left) with other protesters on the East Sands beach in St Andrews.

Pictured with Glen (left to right) are Torsten Matzke, Rachel Cripps, Elana Ewence, Keith Bennetts, Matt Sothern, Ali Macleod and Tansy Torkington.

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