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Viking waterway through the Orkney Mainland revealed

New research has revealed a lost Viking waterway running through the Orkney Mainland, connecting the North Atlantic and Scapa Flow.

4 August 2020Research

ECLS trial shows reduction in late-stage diagnoses of lung cancer

A new medical trial has demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in late stage diagnoses of lung cancer.

31 July 2020Research

Genetic secrets behind bat ‘superpowers’ revealed

For the first time, the raw genetic material that codes for bats’ unique adaptations and superpowers has been fully revealed.

23 July 2020Research

Research identifies how doctor-patient interactions can increase physical activity

Patients are open to have conversations about physical activity programmes in the community to improve their health.

22 July 2020Research

Dolphins spotted again off Scottish coast

Bottlenose dolphins have been seen in the Tay Estuary area and off the Fife coast by a surveying team from the University of St Andrews.

3 July 2020Research

Golden lion tamarins play safe with food

Golden lion tamarin monkeys take the safe option when choosing what to feed their young, just like humans do, researchers have found.

26 June 2020Research

Covid-19 lockdown reveals human impact on wildlife

An international team of scientists is investigating how animals are responding to reduced levels of human activity during lockdown.

22 June 2020Research

New circle discovered near Stonehenge

A team of archaeologists are celebrating the discovery of a major new prehistoric monument only a short distance away from Stonehenge. 

22 June 2020Research

Forest loss escalates biodiversity change

New international research reveals the far-reaching impacts of forest cover loss on global biodiversity.

18 June 2020Research

Feel the beat: implanted microlasers scan heart from inside

St Andrews researchers have developed lasers beating to the rhythm of a live heart to improve the understanding of heart failure.

15 June 2020Research