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How elephants say hello

African elephants use a range of combined gestures and vocalisations in different social scenarios, according to collaborative research by a group of animal behaviourists from the Universities of Vienna, St Andrews and P

Lighting up the future

New multidisciplinary research from the University of St Andrews could lead to more efficient televisions, computer screens and lighting.

Medicine comes home

A new partnership between the University and NHS Fife will benefit patient care and medical research in the Kingdom and boost Scotland’s training provision for new doctors.

Chimpanzees learn by looking

Chimps learn by watching each other, according to research from St Andrews and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

Grey seal (back) and harbour or common seal (front) which both inhabit European waters (Photo credit: Ron Morris)

Protect marine mammal habitats

An international conservation initiative has identified new Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean.