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St Andrews impact on the Scottish economy

The University contributes over £473 million per year to the Scottish economy and supports 6990 jobs, according to a new report.

7 September 2018Local community

News from St Andrews

Professor Kishan Dholakia (Physics and Astronomy) receives the SPIE Dennis Gabor Award 2018 for his use of diffractive optics.

21 August 2018

Ancient rugby rivals, the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, will go head to head in the world’s oldest varsity match.

3 August 2018

A new study, by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the universities of St Andrews and Exeter, reveals dolphins learn tricks from each other.

29 August 2018

More stories

New trial to combat TB

St Andrews scientists are leading the medical monitoring of a new clinical trial to treat tuberculosis more quickly.

3 September 2018Research

Male monkeys take it where they can get it

Male monkeys take it where they can get it, but female vervet monkeys take lessons only from other females.

31 August 2018Research

Student Health Hub to relieve pressure on local services

The University has launched a dedicated reception for students at St Andrews community hospital.

30 August 2018Local community

Researchers call for open and respectful debate around Stanford Prison Experiment

Professor Steve Reicher is one of the world’s leading social psychologists who have called for an open and respectful debate over the SPE.

28 August 2018Research

Scientists make leap in simulating quantum particles

New quantum theory research, led by the School of Physics, could transform the way scientists predict how quantum particles behave.

20 August 2018Research