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Pneumagen commits to clinical trial development for Covid-19

Pneumagen (Holdings) Ltd announced a £4m investment for the clinical development of Neumifil for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

27 May 2020Covid-19

News from St Andrews

Medical and data scientists have joined forces to further medical research and understanding on the spread of Covid-19 within communities.

10 June 2020

The University's position as one of the world’s top universities has been reinforced with the publication of two benchmark league tables.

10 June 2020

New research helps answer one of the most asked questions in geoscience: when did Earth start to become habitable to complex life?

1 June 2020

More stories

Dolphins spotted again off Scottish coast

Bottlenose dolphins have been seen in the Tay Estuary area and off the Fife coast by a surveying team from the University of St Andrews.

3 July 2020Research

Principal elected Vice-Convener of Universities Scotland

Principal Professor Sally Mapstone has been elected as the new Vice-Convener of Universities Scotland.

30 June 2020University news

Golden lion tamarins play safe with food

Golden lion tamarin monkeys take the safe option when choosing what to feed their young, just like humans do, researchers have found.

26 June 2020Research

Trumpet call to teach youngsters

Local children have been offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, thanks to a new scheme at the University of St Andrews.

23 June 2020Local community

University fund helps local causes

Tackling domestic abuse and making PPE are some of the latest causes to benefit from the University of St Andrews Community Fund.

23 June 2020Covid community response