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Poet portrait unveiled by National Galleries

The National Galleries of Scotland will unveil a portrait of renowned Scottish poet and University academic, John Burnside.

21 February 2019University news

Anatomy of a fire

Fire never just burns. It rips and tears and blazes and guts. At least it did in the headlines which accompanied reports of the BMS fire.

15 February 2019Local community

More than £19,000 raised by University donation

More then £19,000 has been raised to fight heart disease thanks to a donation of unwanted furniture by the University.

14 February 2019Local community

Sound and vision – the future of drug discovery

A marriage of sound and light could hold the key to diagnosis of the early stages of various diseases, including cancer.

12 February 2019Research

Scientists revolutionise treatment of tuberculosis

New medical advances could revolutionise the ability to treat undetected tuberculosis (TB).

6 February 2019Research

Drones are the future of science trends

Drones and mobile phones will play a key role in future monitoring of wildlife population trends, says University population expert.

1 February 2019Awards

Baboon genomes shed new light on complex evolutionary history

Mapping baboon genomes could help unravel the evolutionary history of modern humans, new research has found.

31 January 2019Research

Report sheds new light on the 2011 London Riots

A new report on the 2011 London Riots challenges the explanations of the riots given at the time.

31 January 2019Research

Seal behaviour to inform on rising sea levels

Seal behaviour in the Antarctic will be studied by academics from St Andrews to find out how fast a massive glacier is melting.

29 January 2019Research

Divinity code cracked by student

Coded religious documents, which left generations of academics baffled for centuries, have been cracked by a St Andrews student.

28 January 2019Research