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A group of people stand in the background. In the foreground a man with his back to the camera points at a large machine in an explanatory manner.

Rapid Prototyping Centre opening

University of St Andrews Quaestor and Factor (COO) Derek Watson MBE today officially opened the Rapid Prototyping Centre (RPC) at Eden Campus (Wednesday 22 November 2023).

All set for winter graduation

An internationally famous author, the world's premier solo percussionist, a leading light in UK theatre and one of golf's most highly regarded greenkeepers will be honoured at winter graduation.

GeoBus Without Borders

GeoBus Without Borders launched in the first week of October 2023 at the Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) in Windhoek. The project is based on GeoBus St Andrews – an outreach program from the School of Earth and…