From St Lucia to St Andrews

Wednesday 7 March 2007

A banana farmer from the Caribbean island of St Lucia has travelled to the cooler climes of the North Sea this week to speak about the Fairtrade market on which he sells his crops.

Conrad James, who farms 5.6 acres on St Lucia, will speak at the University of St Andrews tomorrow (Thursday 8th March) about the positive effects of Fairtrade on his island and farmers around the world. The talk will be the peak of a Fairtrade Fortnight organised by the University’s One World Society.

The event, which runs from 26 February to 11 March, is being held to celebrate St Andrews’ Fairtrade University status.

Fairtrade University status, which was certified in 2006, means Fairtrade products are available from University cafes and catering services. The town of St Andrews has been a Fairtrade Town since November 2005.

Other events held during the Fortnight have included Fairtrade cafes, ethically-themed poetry evenings, and viewings of films showing the impacts of non- Fairtrade farming in the Third World.

The Fairtrade Foundation runs the worldwide programme, which guarantees that producers receive a minimum price covering the cost of sustainable production and an extra premium to be invested in social or economic development projects. Growing evidence suggests it is only access to Fairtrade markets that enables industry on the Windward Islands, of which St Lucia is one, to survive.

James’s talk about his experiences is open to the public. He will tell his own inspiring story and talk about how fair trade is transforming lives for the better around the world.

The talk will be held in Lower Parliament Hall on South St in St Andrews on Thursday 8 March at 7:30pm. There will be an entrance fee of £2, and Fairtrade refreshments will be provided.


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