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Tuesday 13 June 2000

A series of lectures offering an insight into teaching and research at the University of St Andrews are on offer to former students next weekend (23 to 25 June 2000).

Over 400 alumni will return to St Andrews to attend the Alumni Millennium Weekend, the biggest event of its kind in the University’s history.

The lectures, which will be held in various Schools in St Salvator’s Quadrangle on Saturday 24 June will relate to the past, present and future, covering everything from Scotland’s ancient political records to reducing bottlenecks in Internet traffic. The lectures will be followed by question and answer sessions. Full details are given below:-


Scottish Parliament Project Dr Alastair Mann, Scottish History, School II, 2.30 pm

The Scottish Parliament Project, based at the University of St Andrews, was set up in 1997 with funding from the Scottish Office. Its aim is to create a new digital edition of the acts of the pre 1707 Scottish Parliament, to be published on CD-ROM and the Internet. The Scottish Parliament was held in St Andrews from 1645-1646 and in the context of the new Scottish Parliament, this project is particularly apt.

Robert Fergusson Professor Robert Crawford, School of English, School II, 3.30 pm

The University is honouring Robert Burn’s favourite Scottish poet and St Andrews alumnus by holding a year long celebration of his life. Fergusson began writing poetry while studying at St Andrews. Based in the School of English, the St Andrews Scottish Studies Institute has commissioned ten poems from ten contemporary poets to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Robert Fergusson’s birth, seen by many as the man who inspired Burns to write poetry.


The Students’ Association and Student Life Steve Durrant, President of the Students’ Association, School I, 2.30 and 3.30 pm Bute Medical Buildings – 100 years of achievement Professor John Tucker, Biology, School V, 2.30 pm

Construction of the Bute Medical Buildings was completed 100 years ago to support Pre-Clinical Medicine teaching at the University and to provide a suitable environment for academic research in several complimentary Biological Sciences departments. Professor Tucker will provide an insight into the hundred-year history of the Bute and its achievements.


New Planet for the new millennium Dr Andrew Collier Cameron, Physics & Astronomy, School III, 2.30 pm

The first direct sighting of a world beyond our solar system was made last December by a team of scientists led by Andrew Collier Cameron and was recently featured in a Horizon documentary.

Updates Project Professor Alan Miller, Physics & Astronomy, School III, 3.30 pm

A £10.5 million grant, the largest award in the University’s history, was recently given to the School of Physics and Astronomy to support a research project which will have important implications for the future of telecommunications. Professor Alan Miller is the Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy and is one of the project’s Managers.

The event has attracted interest from as far as Canada, the US, Switzerland and Brazil, as well as attracting large numbers of alumni closer to home and coincides with the meeting of the graduates’ association (the General Council) and the annual reunion of the After Many Days Club. The highlight of the weekend will be a black-tie Millennium Ball, which will be held on Saturday 24 June.


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