Geographer awarded top prize

Sunday 24 October 2004

A geographer at the University of St Andrews will be presented a top award in Edinburgh tonight (Monday 25th October 2004) for making ‘one of the finest contributions ever made by a geographer to land management issues in Scotland’.

Dr Charles Warren, senior lecturer in environmental management and glaciology in the University’s School of Geography and Geosciences, will been awarded the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s President’s Medal. The Society’s medals and fellowships are amongst the world’s most prestigious awards for outstanding contributions to geography and exploration.

The award is partly in recognition of Dr Warren’s book, Managing Scotland’s Environment, which received outstanding reviews and has been described as a “masterly and balanced synthesis that deals informatively and even-handedly with numerous contentious issues”.

According to the RSGS, “This work represents one of the finest contributions ever made by a geographer to land management issues in Scotland”.

When it was published in 2002, Dr Warren’s book was hailed as the most complete and up to date discussion of the way that Scotland’s environment is managed. It tackles head on some of the most controversial and politically- charged issues of our day, including land reform, the right to roam, the future of farming, birds of prey on grouse moors and the management of exotic species.

Dr Warren said: “This award came completely out of the blue and was the last thing that I was expecting. The book was a fascinating challenge to write, partly because the issues that I was discussing were so hotly contested. I was convinced that I was going to tread on numerous toes! It was also tricky because environmental debates evolve so fast.

“In fact, things have moved on so fast since it was published that topics which hardly get a mention in the book, like the wind farm debate, are now centre stage. Nevertheless, the reviews have been very encouraging, and this award really boosts my confidence in the quality of my work.”

The President’s Award recognises the achievements of a research geographer at mid-career stage. The committee said that ‘Dr Warren’s research career to date has been distinguished by that he has emerged as a foremost authority in two very different areas of geographical study – environmental management and glaciology’.

Dr Warren will be presented his award tonight in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal at the formal Awards Dinner, to be held at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.




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