Good news for graduates

Monday 24 June 2013

Good news for graduates

Graduates of the University of St Andrews are amongst those who have the ‘highest chance’ of securing graduate level jobs, according to a new report.

The 2013 High Fliers report says that students at leading universities such as St Andrews had the highest success rate when applying for positions. St Andrews – the only Scottish university to feature in the list – is joined by other top institutions the London School of Economics, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Oxford, King’s College London, Bath, Durham, Warwick and University College London in the new ranking.

Almost 20,000 final year students at 30 universities were interviewed for the report, which looks at the career and salary prospects of graduates.

The new report says that work experience is becoming ‘essential’ when it comes to securing graduate level employment, with those having experience in the workplace being three times more likely to land a job offer than those without.

Other High Fliers’ data shows that 62% of graduating St Andrews’ students have had internship experience by the time they graduate, the fifth highest percentage in the UK. St Andrews also features in the top 5 of UK universities for producing self-made millionaires.

For the last 3 years, the St Andrews Careers Centre has been the most used of any of the UK’s top 30 universities. The same survey shows that 38% of St Andrews students expect to be working in graduate jobs in the coming year, while the remaining 62% have a wide variety of other plans. These include postgraduate study (35%), voluntary work (9%), travel (7%), and starting a business (1%).

Paul Brown, Director of the Careers Centre commented, “There are plenty of reasons for St Andrews graduates to feel confident about their future career prospects as they graduate.

“Our students are amongst the brightest in the country, but they also work hard to gain valuable work experience and above all throw themselves into the huge variety of extra curricular opportunities which are available to them at St Andrews which also greatly enhances their employability.

“It is gratifying to see that their energy, focus and commitment is amply recognised and rewarded by employers.”

The full report is available online.


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