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Friday 14 June 2024

Holly Houston, leader of the Sustainable Fashion student group, graduated with an MA in Sustainable Development, and tells anyone considering pursuing a degree at the University to dive in to “all the exciting opportunities that St Andrews has to offer.” 

Holly arrived in St Andrews with a long-standing interest in sustainable development. “[it] has always been a passion of mine; striving for positive environmental, social, and economic futures overall which is – to me – a priority for all,” she says. “I chose to study at St Andrews as I loved the small, seaside town aspect, my personal connection to Scotland, and because it offers Sustainable Development as a degree subject which is still uncommon considering how new this subject is.” 

Thanks to the flexible degree system at St Andrews, Holly was able to try out a number of different subjects before choosing to graduate in sustainable development. Along the way, she was also able to expand her knowledge and interests through participating in numerous student organizations. But she lists serving as president of the student-led society, Sustainable Style, as one of the highlights of her time here. 

“I was lucky to work alongside a truly lovely group of individuals and together we organised numerous fun and exciting events for the St Andrews community. I am so proud of the society and how it has grown during my time here. and I look forward to seeing it grow long into the future and widen its sphere of influence,” she noted. 

Holly is eager to pursue a career in the sustainability sector but is ready for a travel break to allow her time to explore the field more fully and says her involvement in Sustainable Style and in other student societies has “provided me with work experience and development of skills which will be helpful for my future.”   

She leaves with fond memories of participating in the many traditions at the University, and the lifelong friendships she cultivated while here. Her advice for prospective students and incoming first years? 

“There is such community here, and so many great societies, clubs, and initiatives in St Andrews which I do think are crucial to making the most of the experience,” she says. “At the same time, understanding that it is not possible to take part in everything and learning to prioritise and be happy with what you are doing is important.” 

If you are interested in learning more about Sustainable Style, and perhaps getting involved yourself, then visit the Society blog here 

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