International Women’s Day in St Andrews

Tuesday 8 March 2022

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

To celebrate the global initiative in St Andrews this year, we interviewed a number of academic staff about their childhood ambitions, what inspired them to get involved in their area of research, a woman who has positively impacted their career, and whose voice they would like to amplify this International Women’s Day.

Dr Ariadne Collins, Lecturer in the School of International Relations

Ariadne Collins’ work lies at the intersection of climate change governance, environmental policy and international development.

Dr Roxani Krystalli, Lecturer in the School of International Relations

Roxani Krystalli’s research and teaching focus on feminist peace and conflict studies, as well as on the politics of nature and place.

Dr Rebekah Lamb, Lecturer in Theology, Imagination and the Arts in the School of Divinity

Rebekah Lamb specialises in religion, literature and visual culture from the long nineteenth century to the present, with an emphasis on the Pre-Raphaelites as well as their affiliate circles and inheritors.

Viktoriia Grivina, PhD Candidate in the School of Modern Languages & Centre for Energy Ethics

Viktoriia Grivina is a researcher, translator and writer, currently carrying out her PhD research with the draft title City as the Machine: Industrial Myths and Green Re-Imaginings in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Dr Cat Hobaiter, Reader in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience

Cat Hobaiter has worked with primates in Uganda, and across Africa, for 15 years, currently concentrating on long-term field studies of communication and cognition in wild African apes.

Dr Darya Tsymbalyuk, Tutor in the School of Modern Languages

Darya Tsymbalyuk comes from Ukraine, and works on themes of displacement, war, and multispecies relations through research and art.

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