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Keep well and stay healthy

The NANA project, an exciting new three-year study in the School of Psychology, is looking at ways to help people to eat well and stay healthy as they grow older.

Short for ‘Novel Assessment of Nutrition and Ageing’, the NANA project focuses on health and nutrition as vital for a fit and happy old age.

Dr Arlene Astell is leading the research: “The importance of keeping as well as possible as we age cannot be over emphasised. Nutrition has a very significant part to play in healthy ageing, specifically for helping us keep physically and mentally fit and active.”

Scientists have teamed up with experts in nutrition, engineering and computer software development in three other UK universities to work on the NANA project.

They are looking for people aged 65 and over to help out at all stages of the project.

Dr Astell continued, “Getting older people involved with NANA right from the beginning of the study will be the key to its success. We have a series of activities planned including discussion groups and interviews as well as asking people to try things out in their own homes.

“We need as many people as possible to get in touch with us no matter how little time they can give.”

All volunteers will receive travel expenses and a regular newsletter with updates on the NANA project.

Anybody aged 65 or over who would like to find out more information about the NANA project with no obligation to take part, should contact the NANA Research Fellow, Dr Laura Brown, on 01334 462017 or email



For more information about the NANA project please contact

Dr Arlene Astell: 01334 462056 or e-mail:
Dr Laura Brown: 01334 462017 or email:

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