Multi-million pound research funding

Wednesday 12 February 2003

The University of St Andrews has been awarded over £5 million for investment in science and research.

As part of a £98 million package ploughed into Scotland’s higher education institutions, St Andrews’ share of £5,601,000 will help improve the quality of research facilities throughout the University.

The Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF) – funded by the Office of Science and Technology (£68 million) and the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (£30 million) – enables scientists to continue to develop vital research in areas including the treatment of cancer and heart disease; to develop key new technologies and to further understand man’s impact on the environment.

Universities will use the extra funding to invest in the long-term sustainability of their research infrastructure including projects to refurbish research facilities, and to replace or upgrade major research equipment.

Commenting on the funding announcement, the University’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor Dr Brian Lang said, “This will allow us to take significant capital projects forward. It represents a substantial investment in our future aspirarations for research developments in St Andrews.”

SHEFC will make allocations to individual institutions on a formula basis, taking account of the quality of research and the volume of research income generated. Institutions have been invited to submit to SHEFC proposed projects for approval by the summer of 2003.

The new funds build on the success of the £15 million Scottish Research Infrastructure Fund for 2001-02 and the £65 million first Science Research Investment Fund for 2002-04.


For further information, please contact Elizabeth Bell, Communications Officer, SHEFC, Tel:0131 313 6560 or email:[email protected]

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