Mum’s the word for 7 lucky students!

Thursday 3 June 2004

As if juggling a career with part- time study wasn’t enough – seven students on the St Andrews part- time degree programme have produced babies as well as achieving qualifications.

In what has been a real case of “multi-tasking”, the seven women have given birth in the past academic year. A further male student has also become a father for the fourth time.

Four of the new parents, and two other part-time students, will graduate later this month (Tuesday 22 June 2004), the first batch of evening degree students to do so since its launch four years ago.

The seven new mothers and their babies are Mhairi Stewart (and Emma), Georgiana Mazilu (and Christina), Jenni Robb (and Ross), Melanie Batchelor (and Iona Rose), Ruth Garside (and Eve), Marie Hagney (and Joseph) and Audrey Dyce (and Robbie). Dave Adam also became a father to Niles.

Audrey Dyce, who will graduate this month, admitted it’s been a life-changing year – “It’s been hard work combining working full- time work, pregnancy and studying. Now that Robbie has arrived and I am due to graduate later this month, it has all been worthwhile and very satisfying”.

Meanwhile, Part-time Degree Co- ordinator Nicky Haxell paid tribute to the students’ achievements, both personal and professional – “Studying for a degree is a big enough challenge for anyone and one which involves a lot of work, so successfully juggling it with a job and a young child is a fair achievement! These students have shown real commitment to their course work, jobs and families, and should be very proud of themselves”.

The part-time Evening Degree initiative, which was launched in 2000, is aimed at adults over the age of 21 who would like to study for a degree. Depending on prior qualifications and whether the student prefers to study one or two sessions a week, a General MA degree can be obtained within three to nine years. There are currently over 120 part-time students studying in this way at the University.

Further information about the degree course can be obtained from Nicky Haxell, Part-time Degree Co- ordinator, Admissions: Continuing Education, 66 North Street, St Andrews KY16 9AH, telephone 01334 462203.


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