Professor makes plastic fantastic

Saturday 7 April 2001

A University of St Andrews scientist claims that brightening up your wallpaper could soon become possible at the flick of a switch.

Professor Ifor Samuel from the School of Physics and Astronomy has developed a new flexible material which emits light when electricity is passed through it.

Professor Samuel believes the plastic-like substance could be used in electrical equipment such as mobile phone displays or in light-emitting food packaging. Furthermore, it is so flexible and durable that it could be applied to clothing in everything from school uniforms to sports gear. It will also be possible to use the material in wallpaper which could be to used to give bright coloured light as an alternative to overhead lighting.

Professor Samuel presented his research at the Edinburgh International Science Festival today (Sunday 8 April 2001) during New Light for the New Millennium, the first of four events celebrating light in its many forms.


NOTE TO EDITORS: For more detailed information on Professor Samuel’s research, please contact Claire Grainger, University Press and Public Relations Officer, telephone (01334) 462530 or 07730 415 015.

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