Reasons to love St Andrews

Friday 9 September 2016

Since graduating from St Andrews, Natalie Ulman (MA Film Studies and English 2014) and Sunny Moodie (MA International Relations 2012) have travelled the globe making indie movies together.

The pair returned to St Andrews this summer to direct and shoot a short film, NETTLES, in and around the University. The film, which is based on the story of revenge and female empowerment in Titian’s painting Diana and Actaeon, aims to break the taboos about what is expected of young women even today in the 21st century, with a strong female student acting as heroine.

The film is set at a make-believe prestigious college – the University of Scotland – with St Andrews being the perfect choice for the pair and their talented team, which includes several fellow alumni and current St Andrews students.

As the director, Natalie hopes the film “will empower young women and students in particular, inspiring them to be undaunted and make the most of their university experience – especially at such an incredible, exciting and diverse University as St Andrews”.

While they were here filming, we asked them to make a quick film about why they love St Andrews: you can view the film, which is interspersed with scenes from NETTLES, below and, along with some of their other work, on their YouTube channel.

What are your five reasons to love St Andrews?

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