St Andrews launches University Community Fund

Friday 24 April 2020


The University of St Andrews has launched a £30,000-a-year Community Fund to support groups and activities in St Andrews and the surrounding area.

Applications will be accepted from organisations and groups from across Fife providing their activities have an impact on St Andrews and the neighbouring communities or demonstrate a clear opportunity to increase engagement with the University.

The types of projects which are eligible for funding of between £250 and £3000 include those which: benefit communities in the local area (St Andrews and neighbouring communities); increase engagement between the University and the community; promote knowledge exchange and widening participation; promote environmental sustainability; promote diversity and inclusion; and celebrate St Andrews and the local area’s heritage, whether physical or cultural.

Although the Fund was conceived before the COVID-19 crisis, the University recognises that key to a community’s recovery and the very fabric of life in communities are the many small voluntary bodies that are responding to the needs of their residents with a will and bravery which must be commended.

Therefore, during this period the University would particularly like to receive applications that consider opportunities and activities which offer solutions to community needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The fund will prioritise small, grassroots charities and community organisations over larger organisations.

Local branches of national charities are eligible to apply if they are financially independent and locally managed, and national charities if they have a distinctive offering to the local community.

Principal Professor Sally Mapstone said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of our University Community Fund which aims to support some of the small voluntary organisations and causes which maintain the fabric of life in our St Andrews community.

“It is particularly apposite at a time when so many groups and organisations are involved in essential activities to support their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope the fund will be integral to the recovery of our community and strengthen the relationship between town and gown long beyond the current crisis.”

Find out more about the University Community Fund or email [email protected] for more information.

Issued by the University of St Andrews Communications Office.

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