St Andrews still open for the open!

Wednesday 23 February 2005

The University of St Andrews remains open for the Open Championship (14-17 July 2005) despite reports and rumours to the contrary.

With more beds to fill than anyone else in the town, the University is still able to offer that rarest of commodities during July – a double en-suite within walking distance of the Old Course.

Peter Guthrie, Sales and Marketing Manager in Conference and Group Services believes that the standard of the rooms now available during the summer months is one of St Andrews’ best kept secrets – “To those of us who were students in bygone ages, it’s quite a revelation. The rooms at David Russell Apartments, for instance, are bright, modern and very comfortable. With en-suite facilities, the standards rival those of the better quality budget hotel chains. They are ideal as bases for golfers throughout any summer, but in particular during the Open.”

Peter would not pretend that a room during the Open is exactly cheap, with a seven night stay starting just short of £600 per person for bed and continental breakfast sharing an en-suite double. However, this represents a hike in prices by a factor of around two and a half compared to normal rates, while for many accommodation providers five to ten times is common.

“We’re looking to find a balance between making the most of what is now a very acceptable product and providing good value,¿ adds Peter. “I think we’re achieving that fairly well.”

For further information on accommodation contact Mary Lorimer on 01334 462222 or email [email protected].

Issued by Beattie Media On behalf of the University of St Andrews For further information – please contact Claire Grainger – 07730 415 015/01334 462529

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