Star FM returns to the airwaves

Tuesday 8 November 2005

St Andrews student radio Star FM is set to re-launch after a successful pilot earlier this year.

After their trial broadcast in February, Star FM will return to the airwaves for two weeks starting 21 November 2005.

The station was well-received first time round with over 15,000 hits on the website every day. Now is the chance for the 200-strong team of students behind the project to firmly establish a regular media platform in the town from their studio base in the Students’ Association building.

Star FM’s re-launch will coincide with the University’s traditional Raisin Monday festivities and covers the period of St Andrew’s Week celebrations in town. The new committee aims to provide a stimulating, informative and entertaining service to members of both town and gown communities. Live shows will range from magazine-style breakfast and lunchtime shows to more alternative evening slots and a diverse range of late-night entertainment including debates, film reviews, poetry and live music. Sandwiched between the 12 hours of live shows every day will be a sustaining service with play- listed music, news bulletins and details of upcoming features.

The student radio project has been funded by the University, the Students’ Association, local business sponsorship and (outgoing) Rector Sir Clement Freud’s ‘Charitable Fund’.

David Wilkinson, Station Manager said, “Thanks to lots of hard work and generosity, the students of St Andrews now have the opportunity to show creativity and talent in new and exciting ways”.

Star FM will broadcast from Monday 21 November until Sunday 4 December 2005. Residents of St Andrews will be able to listen on 87.7 FM and online at

For interviews, photographs and more information, please contact David Wilkinson, Station Manager – telephone 07753603227 or email [email protected]


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