US Ambassador praises youth

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Mr Louis Susman, the current United States Ambassador to United Kingdom, praised the courage of young people in recent events in the Middle East when he gave a lecture to students and staff in St Andrews this week.

Addressing an audience of 350 students and staff in the Buchanan Lecture Theatre, Mr Susman said that the determination and bravery of the younger generations coupled with their adept use of social media had proved to be an irresistible force which incumbent regimes in Egypt and Tunisia could not control or overcome.

Youth had played an integral role in the Arab Spring, he said, and ushered in new hope of genuine democracy in states across the Middle East.

Mr Susman’s lecture, entitled ‘US Foreign Policy and the Role of Young People in a Changing World’ can be viewed here.

Mr Susman was welcomed to St Andrews by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson.

Prior to the lecture, the Ambassador met and had lunch with student members of the St Andrews International Politics Association.

“The IPA is one of the most distinguished student groups in the UK and that was one of the best dialogues I have had with any group of students during my time in this country,” he added.

“I’m delighted to be back in St Andrews – and let me say it’s no wonder Prince William describes it as far and away the best university in the world.”

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