Winning the Olympics is ‘like having a baby’

Thursday 29 September 2011

Sir Steve Redgrave made a flying visit to the University of St Andrews this week (Tuesday 27 September) to deliver an inspirational lecture to staff and students.

Sir Steve spoke to a packed hall before taking part in a Q&A session, passing on words of wisdom to the University’s athletes of the future.

Comparing each of his five Olympic wins to ‘like having a child.. each one has a different personality’, he spoke of the emotional rollercoaster that follows an Olympic victory as well as revealing some insights into his pre-race rituals and preparations.

When asked what his favourite Olympic win was, the athlete responded, “It’s like being asked what your favourite child is.  Each win is like a child with a different personality.  It’s more about the years running up to it, the highs and lows, it’s like having a child in a way.  But if I was pushed, it’s got to be the first, the whole emotion of winning your first.”

Sir Steve also outlined some practical advice on preparing physically and mentally before races, and described what it was like being married to the woman who makes the professional call whether he is fit enough to race.

Sir Steve, who was made an Honorary Graduate of the University in the summer, is in town for the Dunhill.

Director of Sport at the University, Stephen Stewart said, “It was a great pleasure to meet Sir Steve, one of the greatest Olympians of all time. It was fascinating hearing about his commitment to sport, his determination to excel whilst having fun and about his subsequent support for sport and exercise related diabetes research and in particular support athletes with diabetes. This ambition to give something back to sport however should come as no surprise given the obvious sense of humility and appreciation that Sir Steve espoused.”


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