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MA (Hons) Management (First Class )

What is your favourite memory (academic or social) of St Andrews?

My favourite memory of my time at St Andrews is May Dip my first year. It was so exhilarating running into the North Sea at 5am with all the amazing friends I had made. I have never experienced anything else like it.

What will you miss most about your time as a student at St Andrews?

I will miss having all of my friends so close by and having fun nights out – whether at the Union and 601 or just at someone’s flat for ‘pres’ and a games night.

What advice would you give to new students?

My advice would be to explore this beautiful town and the many things it has to offer! Although it may feel small, I discovered new places each year and never ran out of things to do!

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I will be moving down to England to work as a fintech headhunter in London.

How do you think the Covid-19 pandemic and global events have shaped the Class of 2020?

The amazing thing about being a student at St Andrews is the diversity of people and ideas that you encounter, and although this is something that the University must continue to strive for, I have found the education here to always encourage and support diversity in all its forms. Critical thinking, a skill that every student develops at St Andrews, requires diverse thinking, which is enabled through a multitude of different opinions and approaches from different people. I think the Class of 2020 have built upon this during the pandemic and in supporting the BLM movement – it is creative and innovative ideas, and taking the initiative to educate ourselves about this pandemic and BLM, that stem from our collective ability to recognise and seek out diverse perspectives which challenge and enhance our own previous understandings.

Where have you spent your time during lockdown?

I have spent the majority of lockdown in St Andrews with my boyfriend. However, I returned home to visit my parents and sister in Colorado for six weeks over the summer, as I felt it was important to spend that time with them that I would have spent with them over graduation.

Have you taken any positives from the situation?

It is really hard to think of positives when I remember everything that was taken away from me in finishing my time as a student here – I had so much planned that I had been looking forward to for a really long time! I think the main positive that many have taken from this time is that it has allowed for a reset, and has enabled me to understand what is truly important in life – my friends, family, and good health which enables me to enjoy every day.

Do you plan to come back to celebrate in person in St Andrews in 2021? If so, what are you most looking forward to about it?

I am absolutely coming back to St Andrews in 2021 for our in-person graduation. I am most looking forward to reuniting with friends and enjoying the celebration in person as it is meant to be!