Place of birth:


Location at time of conferral:

Arbroath, Scotland


MA (Hons) Management (First Class)

What is your favourite memory (academic or social) of St Andrews?

The opening ceremony in Younger Hall. It was so magical, and I can’t wait to come full circle next year!

What will you miss most about your time as a student at St Andrews?

Luckily, I’m remaining at St Andrews, so I’ll be able to enjoy the bubble for a little longer. I will miss my graduating cohort though as many of them are going on to do fabulous new things.

What advice would you give to new students?

Take advantage of every moment at St Andrews and try to balance working hard with enjoying yourself as much as possible.

What are your plans after graduation?

In September, I will begin a Masters in Research (MRes) in the School of Management before undertaking my PhD in 2021 looking at the experiences, portrayals and perceptions of women in philanthropic foundations.

How do you think the Covid-19 pandemic and global events have shaped the Class of 2020?

I think the pandemic has taught the Class of 2020 to be more resilient and resourceful, but also to remember to slow down and reflect on what is important. The last four years at university have been challenging, and whilst having a plan for the future is important, we also need to take time to reflect on the journey university has taken us on.

Have you taken any positives from the situation?

I have spent a wonderful summer with my family and learnt to enjoy the little things. It’s so easy to be caught up in your next move or planning your future, but what really matters is family, and I will cherish 2020 for all the family time it allowed us to have.

Do you plan to come back to celebrate in person in St Andrews in 2021? If so, what are you most looking forward to about it?

Absolutely, we are already planning now! I can’t wait to gather my family, show them St Andrews and revel in all our unique traditions.