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Aggressor or protector?

Whether women view men as aggressors or protectors predicts their masculinity preferences

28 March 2017Research

Want to appear more intelligent? Get more sleep

New research sheds light on perceived intelligence

7 March 2016Research

Blinded by beauty

Good looks make it impossible for teachers to rate academic performance

19 February 2016Research

Study finds tall 35-year-old men appear more dominant than others

Tall, masculine men aged around 35 are perceived to be most dominant by others, according to new research

19 August 2015Research

Size matters

Research shows taller, heavier men are perceived as more masculine 

27 November 2014Research

An honest face

Cheekbones may convey a man's trustworthiness.

10 March 2010Research

Outreach project looks at how brain works

Scientists in Psychology demonstrate biases in the way in which people perceive faces as part of a Brain Day for Secondary School Students.

18 March 2009Community

Imagine.. John Lennon at 64

CAPTION: How John Lennon might have looked if he were still alive on his 64th birthday tomorrow. CREDIT: , The University of St Andrews.

7 October 2004Research