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Whales use the sonic equivalent of a flashlight to focus in on prey

A new study reveals that whales, dolphins and porpoises use narrow beams of high intensity sound to echolocate prey.

15 November 2018Research

Dolphins learn from each other to walk on water

A new study, by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the universities of St Andrews and Exeter, reveals dolphins learn tricks from each other.

29 August 2018Research

New study: 1.5 million whales, dolphins and porpoises in European Atlantic

“Stable trend” in numbers found over 22 year study

2 May 2017Research

Dolphin population will take 40 years to recover from Deepwater Horizon disaster

New international study highlights ongoing damage to marine mammals

13 February 2017Research

Dolphins respond to individual names

Bottlenose dolphins use signature whistles to address one another

23 July 2013Research

The old grey whistle test

How dolphins keep it in the family.

20 February 2013Research

Royal showcase for sea mammal research

University of St Andrews scientists have been chosen to showcase their research at a Buckingham Palace 'Science Day'.

8 August 2006Public interest stories

Dolphins whistle their ‘names’

PICTURE CREDIT: Dr Vincent Janik.

8 May 2006Research

Dolphin diaries

CAPTION: A Chilean dolphin, copyright Sonja Heinrich.

5 December 2005Awards

What Ahab never saw

The University of St Andrews Sea Mammal Research Unit will showcase some of its most exciting and cutting-edge research next week at a prestigious event highlighting the best of British science.

28 June 2005Research