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Accelerating TB research

Launch of a new data platform shares the results of major TB drug trials led by the University of St Andrews.

18 April 2016Research

What failed drug busts are teaching world leaders about decision making

New insights into drug crime and policing revealed through Dr Cinla Akinci’s research into gut feeling decision making.

21 January 2016Government

TB drug trial paves the way for future progress

Global trial yields important scientific findings

8 September 2014Research

New software to detect overdose risk among drug users

Scottish experts lead European project.

28 November 2012Public interest stories

£1.6 million not to be sneezed at

University of St Andrews wins funding for research that may deliver new flu treatments.

6 April 2011Research

Alumnus Sir James Black passes away aged 85

University pays tribute to distinguished scientist and Nobel Prize winner.

23 March 2010University news

Viruses and vaccines

Academics have received a major funding boost to assist in their studies of viruses, immunity, vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

14 April 2009Research

Research grant for eczema drugs

Scientists secure £1 million funding to combat eczema.

27 September 2007Research

Discovery boosts fight against infection

A breakthrough by an international research team led by scientists from the University of St Andrews could help fight deadly bacteria responsible for diseases like meningitis, blood disorders and hospital-acquired infections.

3 November 2006Research

New light shed on drug-delivery techniques

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have developed non- invasive methods of moving and manipulating biological cells using lasers, which could have important implications for future methods of drug-delivery.

27 November 2003Research