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2.5 million euros to study the lives of migrants

Professor Hill Kulu has been awarded almost 2.5 million euros to study the lives of immigrants and their descendants.

28 March 2019Research

St Andrews awarded share of €11.2 million European Research Council grant

The University has been awarded a share of €11.2 million from the European Research Council’s Synergy Grants to study the Sun.

23 October 2018Research

1.5 million Euro grant for groundbreaking work with luminescent jellyfish

Researchers to develop new lasers based on single cells

3 June 2015Research

Lighting in the sky with gemstones

ERC anniversary features St Andrews astronomy project

29 February 2012Research

£4M Euro grant for new studies on mental evolution

How did humans evolve?  Why did we evolve in the way that we did?

7 November 2008Research

£1.8M for St Andrews researchers

Two researchers from the University of St Andrews have been awarded some of the first prestigious grants from the European Research Council.

25 February 2008Research