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New research to predict how global sea levels will rise

Major research grant will study Antarctic glacier.

30 April 2018Research

Ice scientists study the birth of an iceberg

Findings to be featured on BBC Two series Operation Iceberg airing this week.

29 October 2012Research

Scientists discover ‘record melt’

St Andrews' researcher records major ice cap melt.

12 August 2010Research

Setting sail with Greenpeace

Combating climate change in the Arctic circle.

7 September 2009University news

Snowball earth proof in Scottish-irish rocks

Researchers have discovered evidence for an ancient glaciation in old Caledonian rocks - a previously undiscovered finding which indicates that the planet froze over during the 'Snowball Earth' period nearly 700 million years ago.

27 November 2006Research

At the tip of the iceberg

CAPTIONS: L-R, 'Glaciar Leones', 'The remote control boat in action'.

25 September 2002Research