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Lasers in medicine

Scientists in Scotland are developing new studies into how the latest laser trapping methods can assist in the safe and non-destructive delivery of therapeutic molecules into cells, which may lead to new, improved methods for drug delivery.

Breakthrough in ‘self-healing’ light beams

CAPTION: Cross section along a reconstructing Bessel beam. The beam propagates from left to right. The beam is blocked at the marked position and is seen to reform a short distance later.

St Andrews science in national spotlight

Imagine a beam of light that can trap and manipulate microscopic objects like the tractor beam in Star Trek. Science fiction? No, science fact, thanks to the 'optical tweezers' used at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St Andrews.

Lasers put tiny objects in a spin

University of St Andrews scientists have designed a novel way of spinning the most delicate microscopic objects - from a hamster chromosome to a glass bead - without damaging them.

Young scientists to represent Britain

Four University of St Andrews scientists are to present their research to the House of Commons as part of a national event showcasing the best of British research.