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Superman’s laser vision a step closer to reality

Superman’s ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes has come a step closer to reality, thanks to discoveries made by a University research team.

1 May 2018Research

Laser research revolutionises the diagnosis and treatment of dementia and cancer

Innovative research using ultra-pure lasers could benefit researchers looking for new ways to diagnose and treat dementia and cancer

14 July 2017Research

‘Scrambled light’ wavemeter breakthrough

Measures changes one million times smaller than an atom

5 June 2017Research

Laser cells offer ray of hope for understanding cancer

Researchers successfully feed cells microlasers to track their movements.

22 July 2015Research

1.5 million Euro grant for groundbreaking work with luminescent jellyfish

Researchers to develop new lasers based on single cells

3 June 2015Research

Partnership to develop commercial applications for healthcare

Medical research into cancer and Alzheimer’s

26 March 2015Research

Jellyfish help build world’s first solid-state protein lasers

New research uses bioluminescent jellyfish as optical engineers

8 December 2014Research

New research could lead to less expensive solar panels

Fibres make plastic solar cells efficient

17 December 2013Research

Spin doctors create fastest rotating man-made object

Microscopic sphere spun 600 million revolutions per minute

28 August 2013Research

Breakthrough calls time on bootleg booze

Photonics technique could become a portable testing device.

17 May 2013Research