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New study reveals light-bending celestial phenomenon

First time this effect has been observed beyond the solar system

7 June 2017Research

What to do if you encounter an alien

Danish film director Michael Madsen and a University of St Andrews’ physicist discuss how humanity would respond to an alien encounter.

4 April 2016University news

From observing planets to observing Parliament

St Andrews academic to shadow local MP in London

24 November 2014Government

20 seconds that changed our understanding of the Solar System

Surprise discovery of double-ring system around asteroid-like body.

26 March 2014Research

St Andrews astronomer goes global

Researcher becomes the first young Scottish voice of science around the world.

1 February 2012University news

The truth is out there

‘Opinion survey’ of planets suggests many more to come

11 January 2012Research

Life on other planets ‘a real possibility’

Major meeting on extra terrestrial life-forms held today.

25 January 2010Research

New planet discovery announced

The discovery of yet another new planet is announced during international astronomy conference in St Andrews.

24 July 2008Research

Catch a new planet

Is there anybody out there? Looking for new worlds.

30 June 2008Research

Researchers find two new ‘unlonely planets’

University astronomers find two new planets, similar to Jupiter and Saturn.

15 February 2008Research