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Honour for Professor Kishan Dholakia

Outstanding and exceptional contribution to the strength of physics

30 June 2017Awards

Slow light speeds up the microscopic world

Major applications for medical diagnostics

17 September 2015Research

Scientist honoured with Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Fellowship

St Andrews Professor wins award in recognition of world-leading research

7 August 2015Research

Mirror, mirror

How deforming mirrors can revolutionise light storage.

7 May 2013Research

Light speed hurdle to invisibility cloak overcome by student

An undergraduate student from the University of St Andrews has overcome a major hurdle in the development of invisibility cloaks.

9 August 2011Public interest stories

‘Invisibility’ two years away

Physicist at St Andrews aims to turn sci-fi into reality.

20 August 2009Research

The art of invisibility and the perfect cat’s eye

Scientists have developed the perfect cat's eye using transformation optics.

30 June 2009Research

Credit-card medical detection kits one step closer

Groundbreaking technology developed by St Andrews physicists.

16 October 2007Research

Jargon-free science!

A St Andrews student has straight-talked his way into the finals of a national science competition.

7 June 2007Student experience

Life in a new light

Cutting-edge research into the use of light and optics in healthcare by the University of St Andrews will be showcased in a new state- of-the-art education programme.

16 April 2007University news