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Earth holds the key to detecting life beyond our solar system

Atmospheric modelling lays foundations of detecting exoplanet biosignatures.

19 February 2018Research

Humanity through the lens of the Universe

Multidisciplinary centre for exoplanet science to study what makes humanity ‘special’

23 January 2017University news

Newborn planet solves 20 year puzzle

2 million year old ‘Hot Jupiter’ discovered by international team

21 June 2016Research

Early earth forecast: periodically hazy skies

Rocks unveil how microbes modulated the atmosphere 2.6 billion years ago 

5 November 2015Research

Young gas giants fly close to their suns

Study on baby stars reveals new insight

8 September 2015Research

The science of lightning

St Andrews’ researcher sheds light on phenomenon.

30 April 2014Research

New Earth-sized exoplanet that ‘shouldn’t exist’ baffles astronomers

Details about planet 400 light-years-away are revealed

30 October 2013Research

Lighting in the sky with gemstones

ERC anniversary features St Andrews astronomy project

29 February 2012Research

The truth is out there

‘Opinion survey’ of planets suggests many more to come

11 January 2012Research