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Bringing Scottish health specialists together

The Universities of St Andrews and Dundee will host an event this week (Wednesday 3rd December 2003) aimed at bringing together research-active health professionals from Tayside and Fife.

University staff build career bridges

The first recruits to an innovative course allowing junior managers and senior support staff from the Universities of Dundee, St Andrews and Abertay Dundee to develop their careers will be formally inducted today (Wednesday 22 January 2003).

Managing impact of environmental change

A new course aimed at meeting industry's demand for solutions to a growing number of costly environmental problems is to be launched by the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee.

Universities combine to tackle health issues

A unique new institute is to be launched by two leading Scottish universities, combining their expertise to address the many elusive social factors underpinning one of the nation's most pressing areas of concern - public health.