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Animal cognition expert honoured by the British Psychological Society

Lifetime Achievement Award for Professor Richard Byrne

24 July 2017Research

Woody Woodpecker laughs in the face of politics

New evidence suggests birds have mastered cooperative living

8 March 2017Research

Lizards and ladders

First evidence of how early social environment affects lizard learning

6 February 2017Research

Elephants know their audience

Research finds elephants understand different visual perspectives

9 July 2014Research

All in hand

Researchers work out what chimp gestures mean

4 July 2014Research

Elephants making a point

How elephants understand humans best

10 October 2013Research

Playful minds

Gorillas play games just like we do, say scientists.

22 January 2010Research

How gorilla gestures point to evolution of human language

Largest scientific study of gorilla gestures discovers repertoire of 102 different signals.

9 February 2009Research

What are you looking at?

Scientists studying human tendency to follow another's gaze find link with distant cat-like relative.

30 January 2009Research

How do elephants keep in touch?

St Andrews' scientists have worked out how elephants keep in touch in the jungle.

5 December 2007Research