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Chimps’ cultural traditions extend beyond family

Social tradition in chimpanzees mimics human culture

20 June 2017Research

Hormone boost makes wild seals spend more time with each other

Implications for conditions in humans like autism

24 May 2017Research

Woody Woodpecker laughs in the face of politics

New evidence suggests birds have mastered cooperative living

8 March 2017Research

Lizards and ladders

First evidence of how early social environment affects lizard learning

6 February 2017Research

With a little help from my friends

Family and friends reduce stress in wild chimpanzees

2 November 2016Research

The Olympics are good for your health

New research finds a sense of well-being after sporting success

22 August 2016Sport

Don’t sweat it

Scientists discover why people are sometimes less offended by body odour

22 February 2016Research

Out of group, out of mind

New study finds basic mental processes at the root of troubles between groups

5 December 2013Research

Monkey business – it’s not what you know, but who you know

Social networks shape monkey “culture”

27 June 2013Research