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New study reveals light-bending celestial phenomenon

First time this effect has been observed beyond the solar system

7 June 2017Research

Eye on the sun

St Andrews experts contribute to revolutionary new solar imaging technology

10 February 2015Research

Prestigious award for St Andrews’ Professor

A scientist has been recognised as a world leader in his field by the Royal Astronomical Society.

13 May 2009Awards

Volcanic bug aids ‘Children of the Moon’

Ancient protein will help understanding of rare genetic disease.

30 May 2008Research

First glimpse of star flip

An international team of astrophysicists has, for the first time, discovered a star other than the Sun flipping its north and south magnetic poles.

26 February 2008Research

Spinning slowly in the web

Astronomers trace magnetic web binding baby stars to their surrounding gas and dust.

26 September 2007Research

Close encounter with sun-like star

Researchers capture the first close-up image of the surface of a sun-like star beyond the solar system.

4 June 2007Research

The mathematics of the sun

St Andrews' scientists have created a numerical model of the sun.

21 May 2007Research

£2.6m for university mathematicians

Researchers at the University of St Andrews have been awarded £2.6 million to study magnetic activity in the atmosphere of the Sun and the Earth's magnetosphere.

22 April 2007Research

Mathematicians win 3.4m to study sun

Eric Priest (centre) signing the EU contract with co-researchers Alan Hood and Ineke De Moortel.

9 February 2007Research